3PL Logistics

3PL Logistics

From warehousing, inventory management and order fulfillment, Third Party Logistics (or just 3PL) is at the heart of the supply chain. For companies that rely on these logistics services, inventory management, receiving, storing and dispatching products are vital to their development - especially when supply chain management is complex.

Europa Cargo 3PL logistics services undertake all these important supply chain functions, to help their customers focus on growing their own businesses. The service covers everything along the supply chain and includes what is necessary for a fully functional warehouse in a customized environment.

Schedule and execute inventory delivery
Classification, management and accounting for the entire stock
Maintaining stock in appropriate conditions
Negotiate reduced shipping prices
Product picking, packaging and shipping as well as assembly
Management of recurring subscription schedules

Contact details

Address: 12Km Thessaloniki to Veria P.C. 57008, Sindos, Thessaloniki, Greece

GPS: 40.701867, 22.8774976
Tel: +30 2310 758000
Fax: +30 2310 758484
Email: info@europa-cargo.gr

Europa Cargo company

EUROPA CARGO based in Thessaloniki - Greece, operates successfully in International Transport and Logistics services. We create relationships of trust and honesty by aiming at excellent customer service and keeping our basic philosophy of quality and reliability.

Consistency, speed and our customers' business prosperity are the most important variables that determine our specificity and business profile.

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